Thursday, June 30, 2011


I thought it might be a good idea in order to spice up the holiday memories to start a small experiment. As I recently described, my actual addiction (yes, you can definitely call it like this) to medium format film brought me to some tryouts with expired films. The last examples at least didn't turn out to be that bad:


İstanbul expired

So I thought, when we were packing up for our trip to Paris: Why not taking 2 rolls of expired (since 1997) Kodak Ektacolor 100 roll films 120 with me?

Note to myself: Stupid idea if you want to keep some memories. Today I picked up the developed photos and films and they turned out to be too dark, the results - with some interesting exceptions - are not worth the sacrifice of beautiful photos. Besides, black & white is much cooler anyways :)

I am now waiting for next week, when I can pick up the two Kodak Tri-X 400 rolls I gave to the photo shop. I am so excited. Many people mentioned a good grain and contrast level in these films and now I am curious if it is going to be my next big film (together with the Ilford Delta 3200 that I am going to try one day) after I actually got some good result from the Ilford HP5 125 and the Ilford Delta 4 400, too...

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