Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Soulful photography

I thought it would be a good idea to blog in English again - and to practice and practice and practice and...

Anyway. Christmas is over, Santa Claus downgraded by Standard & Poor's to junk level and I hope everyone has received many great gifts. I got my gift a few weeks before Christmas. A friend of mine offered me to publish a photo every Tuesday on his website: The idea behind this is to link your own photos to a text (soul) - it can be lyrics, a sentence, a question or something else. Yet, I still have some problems keeping the Souls section not too melodramatic or even to come up with anything, but I also think that after some reflections on my works I'll get the flow I need. It also gives me the motivation to do some more deep reading on social and art theories - at least it did till now.

This week is my 5th on pfs! and I thought: Why not mentioning it on my blog?

Tuesday #1

Tuesday #2

Tuesday #3

Tuesday #4

Tuesday #5




Saturday, December 10, 2011

Liebe Mütter...

Liebe Mütter Deutschlands,

wenn ein Student in der Fußgängerzone eine offensichtliche Gegenlichtaufnahme macht (dem Photographierenden knallt die Sonne nur so ins Gesicht), bei der man normalerweise nichts sieht außer Licht und Silhouetten und Ihr zufälligerweise mit Euren Blagen durch das Bild lauft, braucht Ihr Euch noch lange nicht lächerlich machen, Eure Kinder packen und panisch brüllen: "Kommt, beeilt Euch, damit wir nicht auf's Foto kommen."