Saturday, December 18, 2010

Ara Güler

The expected phase of procrastination moves on and keeps me away from the really interesting but complex issue Constructions of Europe. In order not to miss the best person in the world too much or to get lost in the endless spheres of TV shows I decided to publish one post after another... naaaaa, just kidding, only some. In fact, I actually wanted to see one entry on this page that represents my high regard for one of the best photographers in the world: The award winning photographer from İstanbul Ara Güler who is very famous for his photos about İstanbul.

Since the moment I got into photography I knew about him - and from this first moment his astonishing photographs enchanted me. They are different, they are special, they catch every single moment in a way that no other might be able to catch like. Unfortunately I am not the only person who thinks about him that way and so are the prices of the books about him insanely unaffordable for a student's budget like mine. But in times of the internet and the Google imperium at least it is possible to "like" his work on Facebook or find his photos via the Google Image Search and use Wikipedia to gather any knowledge available - just to survive till I either move to İstanbul (besides some other very important advantages no expensive flight tickets anymore) or win the jackpot in the lottery.

Here are three of my favorites (click on the pictures to get to the official Facebook fanpage):

© Ara Güler / İstanbul 1986

© Ara Güler / İstanbul 1959

© Ara Güler / İstanbul 1954

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